20150621 Summer is here!

Diana’s garden is resplendent with lilies bursting forth ….


I saw a Clearwing Hummingbird Moth doing a recce for half a minute but it didn’t land.

Mom, Dad and Uncle shepherding their little flock on the Still River:



Cow Parsnips (Not to be confused with the very dangerous GIANT HOGWEED) seem to attract large numbers of a variety of pollinators.



This wild pea grows in association with Tufted Loosestrife and Blue Flags in wet areas along Hwy 529.



These  Harris’s Checkspots spent many minutes doing what came naturally.   I didn’t see any flat topped white asters around but will look for them now.


The white water lilies are rising!




On the way home I saw this Heron sneaking out of a swamp.  Amazing camera, to get that bird in autofocus with a telephoto lens set at 400 mm Effective Focal Length.  I was lucky to get it.

Then, a little further on, as I turned the corner ….



… it JUMPED OUT OF THE WATER, just as I got the camera on it.




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