20150622 Blooms (mainly)

D’s garden is always worth stopping for:

Dahlias and Yellow Loosestrife

Dahlias and Yellow Loosestrife

But there are also lots of other inflorescences out in the wild:

P1560533-1 P1560619-1

Some were adored by Monet:

P1560583-1 P1560592-1

And some, like this Coreoplis, (where there is now a HUGE display on the start/end of the 2-lane just north of Nobel) have visitors.  Andy Fyon also shows them at Manitoulin’s Misery Bay’s Alvar Pavement.  Very drought resistant, good for xeriscaping.   Rescue them from North of Nobel before the 4-laning takes them out.


On the way home it threatened rain, so I took some pix of the clouds:

P1560678-1 P1560681-1

Foggy and wet this morning.   Different opportunities.

PS   For the record I should add this very long shot of a Juvenile American Kestrel taken early in the morning from the road across from my place.  First sighting of a Kestrel over there!


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