20150623 Britt’s bugs and blossoms

More local sights in and around Britt

A’s flower garden features interplanting of lots of showy perennials such as these Yellow Loosestrife and Lilies.


All being guarded by Capt Highliner, J’s brother:


The first hatches of Mayflies are starting to appear.  A little late this year, (possibly due to the lower than normal water temp in the Bay?)  Many, many years ago, the first appearance of Mayflies used to send this Okanagan boy to his fly-tying vice to make  imitation dry and wet flies to get some Brookies.


Some sort of diptera visiting the Cow Parsnips.


I noticed traces of a recent deer passage next to this Cow Parsnip.  Since it is a member of the wild carrot family, I  suspect that this vegetation would be quite spicy.


This White Admiral was feeding voraciously on the first blossoms of Dogbane that I’ve seen this year.


Monet has been here again.


Great showing of Lupins on the P homestead on old Station Lane.


Meadow Rue is starting to bloom in profusion.


Ahhh… a late summer afternoon.  Nice!


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