20160426 Ring Necked Ducks & Doe and fawn

This pair of Ring Necks was swimming warily on the pond between Grundy Lake Provincial Park and the remaining 2 buildings from the lumber town of Pakesley  , at the CPR/Hwy 522 crossing.

I have seen a pair there several days ago. Same pair?  Nesting?



See the chestnut coloured ring?



This mom and offspring were seen on the swamp on the east side of Hwy 69 between the Henvey IR turn-off and the Pickerel River.  I parked on the shoulder and photo’d them at about 100 yards:



Another car stops on the shoulder …


After taking a drink, the little one looks at Momma ….


And seems to be receiving a signal of some sort …


The two of them resume grazing …


… until another car arrives on the scene, prompting this leisurely departure into the thick bush.


Gardeners will be interested in Mary Holland’s latest post about the effect of beetles on garden pests.

We have a couple of inches of snow this morning.  Hopefully the (forecast) +9ºC,  afternoon sun will remove it before the (forecast) -7ºC  freeze tonight.


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