20170714 Hwy 529 in light rain showers

Photo above:  Raindrops are falling on Big Lake

We went for a drive along Hwy 529 during light rain showers to see the effects of rain on some scenes…

Here are a few examples of raindrops gathering on lily pads with “rebound drops” bouncing upwards after an impact with the water surface:

Next to a Fragrant White Water Lily…

Good example of surface tension …

Raindrops gathering on leaves and flowers …

Spreading Dogbane leaves always seem to avoid being “wetted”:

…  which  is quite different than the blooms of Wild Spirea

Mullein appears to be quite hydrophobic

This thistle not so hydrophobic…

Grass seed head seems to soak it up.  Not the Yellow Goatsbeard….

Inverted Coreopsis provides shelter for this tenant…

“Dropscapes” can be quite abstract at times…



Rebound drop up close…

I can remember, as a student, being amazed by Professor Harold Edgerton’s Milk Coronets in the early 1960s.

Nowadays it is a common art form with some advanced studio photographers.  Nice stuff.


2 thoughts on “20170714 Hwy 529 in light rain showers

  1. Dear Tom, these pix, for me, are absolutely breathtaking .. the magic of falling, dancing raindrops. THANK YOU. xoxo

    • Thanks Krys,
      That was the first time that I set out to capture rain falling on water. I’ve tried to capture mood, etc with rain in air, but this is the first time to get actual drops splashing in water. It was a nice experience — except for the mosquitoes and deer flies who also seem to like rain showers!

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