20170718-19 Hwy 529 and Forest Access Road

Above Photo:  Fragrant White Water Lily and its Reflection

Hwy 529:

Double Crested Cormorant preening in the sun…


I think that this moth is a Delicate Cycnia  or Dogbane Cycnia or Cycnia tenera.  Its wings were very delicate, fluttering in a very light breeze.

I couldn’t see what this crab spider is preying on.  If you enlarge the photo and look closely, you’ll see little critters along the main vein of the milkweed leaf…


Lots of European Skippers were out and about …


This looks to be one of the Whitefaces …

Male Monarch launching…

I thought that this might be a bluet.  Now I don’t think so.  A mystery.


Forest Access Road:

If we could see the front of this Dragonfly we’d tempted to ID it as a Chalk Fronted Corporal…

Eastern Kingbird perched on a bridge reflector…


A big Red Tailed Hawk eyeing the photographer.  Check the ninth photo at the Audubon site.

(It cannot be a Rough-legged Hawk because they are up in the Arctic this time of year.)

Here is an amazing Red Tailed Hawk story sent to me by a school classmate out in BC.   Thanks Ray!




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