20170721-22 Burwash, Still River, Hwy 529: Blackbirds, Jewelwings,Eastern Kingbird, Song Sparrow, Butterflies, Bees

Above Photo:  White Pine on Hwy 529

We made a short trip to Burwash after lunch with friends at the French River Inn.  This is what we saw there, on the way back via Still River Road  and on Saturday part of a trip to Twin River Bridge on Hwy 529.

We’ve  also experimented again.   The captions were intended to appear immediately below each photo.  Didn’t work.

Are the medium sized photos better for your device?

The heavy streaking and orange-tan chin identifies this bird..

Two males are hovering while two females are depositing eggs.

This Loon was relaxing at Neilly Lake at Burwash:

Resting after taking insects out of the air:

A temporary silence from this songbird

This fellow is also singing…

Apparently there is debate about the proper ID of this Butterfly:

I think that the little dot is significant but I cannot positively ID this skipper.

Unidentified grasshopper…


Stocking up with more fuel for this male:

These Bumble Bees are out in great numbers these day.

Another generation of Monarchs are eating the Milkweeds..

Do you see them?

This is the ambusher after it moved to a more obvious location….

All of the Cow Parsnip are setting seed now.  Amazing to realize that each and every seed seen here is separately pollenized by those busy pollinators.

Edit:  It seems that the captions got lost in the publishing process.  More investigation is needed, I guess.


6 thoughts on “20170721-22 Burwash, Still River, Hwy 529: Blackbirds, Jewelwings,Eastern Kingbird, Song Sparrow, Butterflies, Bees

  1. Larger photos are much easier to appreciate without the need to enlarge many of them.

    • Thanks Marilyn,
      I think that I am going to go back to larger images. Many folks seem to prefer the larger images.

  2. Tom .. another thank you for these .. now able to identify much more ..beautiful these Summer residents. xoxo

    • It is really quite amazing to see the variety of critters that surround us when you stop to look, eh?

    • Thanks a lot for your generous comment. If I get an under the cabinet radio, it’ll be a Sony!!!

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