20170723-24 Hwy 529: Pollinators and Prey

Above Photo:  Steeple bush

Quick trips down Hwy 529 yielded these scenes:

A Crab Spider has captured a bumblebee for lunch …

Pickerel Weed blooming in the rain …

Soaked Bumble Bee clings to Golden Rod to dry out.  It seems obvious why these critters do not fly in the rain!

The next day the Crab Spider is back in ambush mode …

This Great Blue Heron fishes in the distance …

Pair of Great Spangled Fritillaries lunching together …

A well worn Skipper resting with an  Orange belted Bumblebee.

This fickle Fritillary is lunching with a skipper …

Two different Skippers, lunching.

This one might be a Dion Skipper.

Have a look at https://thelensandi.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/of-ladybugs-and-horse-tales/     for some extraordinary photography and elegant text.

And how about this one:   https://thelensandi.wordpress.com/2017/07/25/insight/    ?


Well worth following!


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