20160404-05 Some local potpourri

Here are a few photos taken the last few days:

Melting snow on rock art:


Ditch art:


Weathered rock art:


Weathered rock with some lichens:


Icy reflection:


Ice floating on algal pond.


Creek on Old Nipissing Road in spring freshet:


The Bald Eagles referred to in the previous post were around yesterday.  So were the Turkey Vultures spying on that carp carcass.  But not photo opportunities.   I suspect that the Otter went hungry … or got another carp!

We are experiencing an late spring snowstorm now.  After its passage we can start looking for the first of the migrating warblers (see http://www.ofo.ca/ofo-docs/Spring%20Warbler%20Migration%20Guide.pdf ) and for the arrival of the Sandhill Cranes.


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