20160401-03 Some birdies

We put the long (100-300 mm) lens on the GH4 and kept alert for birdies to polish our skills for the migration of warblers due in about 3 weeks.

This is a sampling of what we found:

A Red Tailed Hawk on top of a high telephone pole on Hwy 69 between the Mag Reserve and Harris Lake made me stop and turn around to take a provisional shot  from a long way away:


As I got closer it flew away to another pole.  I tried to sneak up on it but it was prescient about me focusing the lens on it.  Finally on the third pole I was able to get this photo just as it lifted off — to depart the area.


Smaller birdies:

Male House Finch:


Song Sparrow:


Tree Sparrow:


Ring-billed Gull,




European Starlings:


“Nice muddy bottom?”, she asks.


“Ok, check it out yourself,” he says.


“We gotta stop meeting like this,” they both say.


“Lets get outta here before that old guy takes any more pix.”


Remember this one?


The birdie in the rear is a Dark-eyed Junco.  You remember the one in front.


Up on a tree branch this time.


We are going to keep a look-out for migrating birds, especially the Trumpeters and the Sandhill Cranes.  I have seen a Bald Eagle in the distance and even stayed around this Carp that an otter had killed and pushed up onto the ice, hoping to see the otter return or a baldie come for it.  No luck.


Those otters have very sharp teeth, eh?

Naturally Curious Blog Marks Sixth Year.

3 thoughts on “20160401-03 Some birdies

  1. Not only the earth springs into life but the skies above as well – soon we shall be able to hear their sweet songs and marvel at their effortless and delightful flight. Thank you Tom

    • Yes, Krys, using a camera has opened both my eyes and ears to what surrounds us. It is very nice to sit silent watching the birdies flit about and to listen to their chitter-chatter. and serenading. In all of my (considerable) years I hadn’t really listened to birdies until I had a camera in my hands.

  2. Tom, your commentary with the Mallards is hilarious!! These photos are spectacular, you are definitely mastering the lens, and with so much patience!! I am impressed, thanks, I always look forward to your Blog! Thanks, Love Diana XXXOOO

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