20160401-02 More evidence of spring

We looked for more spring things to capture with the new macro lens and with the telephoto lens.  These are what we found:

P1330420-1 P1330423-1 P1330438-1 P1330459-1-2 P1330462-1 P1330466-1 P1330480-1 P1330495-1 P1330498-1

Another twig of pussywillows, dry this time and with the telephoto lens:


This branch was hanging down above the rushing stream attracting splashes of freezing water droplets:


Tag Alders are starting to “bloom”:


And the Red Maple buds are swelling, about to burst:


Ahh … spring!  (But temporarily delayed by the current cold snap.)

I did hear the sound of a flock of Sandhill Cranes a day ago, and they know that spring is on its way.

One thought on “20160401-02 More evidence of spring

  1. A wonderful display as Spring struggles to make an appearance — it shows, quite visibly, that you have a handle on your new lens and so looking forward to further pix as more greenery appears. THANK YOU Tom.

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