20160407-15 Birdies

As spring’s advance stopped and restarted the local and migrating birdies disappeared and reappeared.  Here are some samples of what they were doing.

Ring Billed Gulls doing a soft shoe on the ice:





… and putting on an airshow:

P1770208-1-2 P1770223-1-2

… with their well-fed friend doing the fly-by finale in the evening light:


Robin Red Breast implores photographer to cut back on the snow.  “Enough!” he says…….


While a pair of Starlings chuckle from their high wire act:


and this song sparrow sings its heart out …


and this tree sparrow scrabbles on a rare bit of ground for seeds …


and this Purple Finch or House Finch surveys the scene:


One local person believes that he has seen an Evening Grosbeak (“a great big goldfinch”) and Mary Holland reports that they are up to New England now.  We’ve seen a couple of small flocks of Sandhills flying around and a pair was seen on Belanger’s fields this spring.  So the spring migration is well underway.

One thought on “20160407-15 Birdies

  1. Oh Tom, thank so much – Spring has now finally and arrived bringing with it, their sweet and unique songs.

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