201604 Early April structures

We took a few photos of some human-made structures in our recent travels.   Some examples:

Three “view-of-the-Sound” houses, Parry Sound:



This one with an interesting signal of BED & Breakfast:


Nuts & Bolts of CPR Trestle Parry Sound:


Other side of trestle:  Massive 1907 engineering work, 1/2 km (517 m) long, 32 m high.


This is Tom Thomson’s version of the trestle as seen from his canoe in July 1924.

And this is Brtthome’s version of the trestle as seen from his vehicle on April 11th, 2016:


Mr. H. Brook’s snake (cedar rail) fence, Hwy 522:


“Antique” dump and log trucks, Arnstein.


Golden Valley residence:


Summer spot, Milton Lake, Hwy 522:


House with trailer, ducks, garage, and carriage-port, outskirts of downtown Port Loring, Ontario.


One of these days I’ll do an “Architectural Study” of Britt / Byng Inlet.  Quite a bit of variety!

One thought on “201604 Early April structures

  1. Thank you for these interesting pix, well done (partial to the “trucks” and bridge). An “Architectural Study” of Britt / Byng Inlet would be most welcomed!!!.

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