20160502 A new lens! Burwash in late afternoon

On the way back from a quick trip to Sudbury on Monday (to pick up new long telephoto zoom lens) we stopped at Burwash to see how far spring had advanced.  Here is the report:

First picture with this lens, a painted turtle viewing the new lens from a long ways away.


On Neilly Lake a Loon keeps an eye on the lens from mid lake, about 60 m away.


Mandatory shot of hazelnut bloom from about 2 metres.


On the way back some more painted turtles gathered on the communal log for a late afternoon bask:


On the old Hwy 69 down to the Killarney Rd, this drake posed for the new lens down sun…


In the shade he continued to prefer the left profile…


… and then pronounced that it was OK, with the right profile.



Mandatory spore capsules ..


Grackle posing from a long ways away.


Yes, I think that we’ll keep it!

Tuesday, May 2, we shot a lot more pix with it.  Will post later.