20160520 Three warblers and a haw (?)

We spent some time in the sun listening to, watching and photographing three species of warblers that frequent Britt.  They are all songbirds and it is worth the effort to click on the “Typical Voice” and/or the SOUND and/or VIDEO of the All About Birds links below:

American Redstart.  Please note those mouth hairs (Rictal Bristles).  This is the first time that I got a good photo of this birdie showing the mouth hairs characteristic of insectivores that catch their prey in flight.


Yellow Warbler:


Chestnut-sided Warbler:


While the main focus (!) of my attention was Warblers, I was distracted by this resplendent bloom.   I thought it was a hawthorn.   But when I wanted to know which one I learned that Hawthorns bloom along with their leaves.   I shall have to check this shrub for other characteristics to properly identify it.


If you are wandering around in a bookstore, have a look at Birds of Eastern Canada – A regional guide to over 350 species, edited by David M. Bird at McGill.  Excellent photography, drawings, descriptions and background.  My best birdbook.

PS:  Please be careful with your spelling and pronunciation to avoid strange looks.