20160515 Trip along Jamot Lumber Road

A Sunday afternoon detour after breakfast with the “Britt Teletubbies” at French River Restaurant yielded some photos:

I knew it!  Evidence of the effect of Pileated Woodpecking leading to the fall of this dead Elm Tree:


This brand of willow makes pussywillows a month later than its cousins:


There are lots of these at some of the rich forest soil locations just past the Red Pine plantation along that road.


Here in harmony with Blue Coshosh:


I was a bit too late for the blossom of this Bloodroot, which  often grows in association with the above and with Dutchman’s Breeches.


Leatherleaf are in full bloom.


On the way back the pond between Pakesley and Grundy Lake PP yielded a good look at this Double Crested Cormorant  who posed patiently for the photographer:


But then jumped down into the water and took off, catching the photographer by surprise:


Very heavy frost this morning.  I hope that not many blossoms got bitten.

Mary  Holland posted an interesting article and picture about the development of salamanders in vernal pools.