20160525 A trip to Burwash — Mustard White

We decided to check out the progress of spring at the old Burwash Industrial Farm … a prison farm closed in the 1970s … now a source of interesting flora and fauna.

On the way we detoured to the Hwy 522 pond for some artsy photography…. stuff that caught my eye …


Log and lilies  à la  Claude Monet, one of  my favourite artists …


The wild mustard was blooming profusely at Burwash.   This bloom’s visitor looked ready to leap!


This visitor (with strange eyes) is having a drink  of nectar (from a mustard plant!)


withdrawing proboscis, lifting wings, lifting feet ….


In the air, with proboscis coiling and legs retracting.   I must pay more attention to what a butterfly does with its legs when flying or flitting.


Yes, the above butterfly  is called this descriptive name!

A week or so ago I misidentified a hawthorn blossom.  That was probably some sort of wild apple (Malus)  of the rose family.  This is the haw that we have around here.


This barn with pincherries in bloom is on Hartley Bay Road, west of Hwy 69, just north of the French River.



It has been about a year since I got serious about posting my little sights and insights on this blog.  So, just now, I just decided to spend 10 minutes enjoying Louie Schwartzberg: Nature.  Beauty.  Gratitude.     Best when full screen.

Nice, eh?   Highly recommended every once in a while.  (I think that Schwartzberg also liked Monet.)