20160503 New lens captures some wildlife: wild flowers and wild critters

This is a record of some of the objects seen by the Panasonic Leica 100-400 mm lens.


The first (What is it?)  butterfly:


It was flitting from willow to willow collecting (eating?) pollen.  I was chatting with Birder Ann DJ on Riverside Road and noticed the “flutter by”.  The above is where it momentarily landed before continuing its morning travels.

Technique.  When I see activity I focus on a likely spot for the critters to visit.  Then I can trip the shutter  quickly and hopefully capture the beastie.  I photo’d this nice catkin but, alas, no beastie came to visit.


Along Riverside Rd, the ancient horsetails are sprouting rapidly.


Two nice flowers in Diana’s garden:

P1190584-1 P1190597-1

Cruising in front of Shirley’s place:

P1190651-1 P1190702-1

Another of Shirley’s friends.  Click on it to see the apparent need for re-preening of those feathers.


Evening Primrose poised for its rapid seed stalk development:


Aha!   The first Trout Lily blossom of the season.  Across from Dave and Maureen’s place.



First photo of the elusive (to me!)  Northern Flicker:


Long shot from behind Steve’s Electric Place:


Muskrat in the pond across from Big Lake:


Early Saxifrage along Hwy 529:


Another type of spore capsule …


in context:  (Click on the photo(s) to see the detail!)


A youthful Pale Corydalis …


Very first sighting of (the uncommon around here for some reason) Trailing Arbutus in bloom:


Next:  Some close-ups with a macro lens.   But before posting those I am going out into a beautiful day to enjoy nature springing into spring!   Things are really moving up here now.  A good time to get out and about!!