20160503 New lens captures some wildlife: wild flowers and wild critters

This is a record of some of the objects seen by the Panasonic Leica 100-400 mm lens.


The first (What is it?)  butterfly:


It was flitting from willow to willow collecting (eating?) pollen.  I was chatting with Birder Ann DJ on Riverside Road and noticed the “flutter by”.  The above is where it momentarily landed before continuing its morning travels.

Technique.  When I see activity I focus on a likely spot for the critters to visit.  Then I can trip the shutter  quickly and hopefully capture the beastie.  I photo’d this nice catkin but, alas, no beastie came to visit.


Along Riverside Rd, the ancient horsetails are sprouting rapidly.


Two nice flowers in Diana’s garden:

P1190584-1 P1190597-1

Cruising in front of Shirley’s place:

P1190651-1 P1190702-1

Another of Shirley’s friends.  Click on it to see the apparent need for re-preening of those feathers.


Evening Primrose poised for its rapid seed stalk development:


Aha!   The first Trout Lily blossom of the season.  Across from Dave and Maureen’s place.



First photo of the elusive (to me!)  Northern Flicker:


Long shot from behind Steve’s Electric Place:


Muskrat in the pond across from Big Lake:


Early Saxifrage along Hwy 529:


Another type of spore capsule …


in context:  (Click on the photo(s) to see the detail!)


A youthful Pale Corydalis …


Very first sighting of (the uncommon around here for some reason) Trailing Arbutus in bloom:


Next:  Some close-ups with a macro lens.   But before posting those I am going out into a beautiful day to enjoy nature springing into spring!   Things are really moving up here now.  A good time to get out and about!!

6 thoughts on “20160503 New lens captures some wildlife: wild flowers and wild critters

  1. Oh Tom, a wonderful job does not express the composition, the clarity, the colours and the textures of your views. THANK YOU SO MUCH – your ability to SEE + a good camera/lens is “magic” !!

  2. I’ve been away and just catching up on your blog. All so beautiful! You teach us to look more closely at the world around us Tom. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Pat.
      Actually the camera has done a lot to teach ME to look more closely at the world around us.

  3. That lens is quite amazing. The guy who holds the camera is pretty good too. I have a pair of Flickers building a nest in one of my maples. They are fun to watch .

    • Thanks Joanna,
      You are very lucky to have those Flickers. I can remember have a pair of PIleated, rearing redheads in an Aspen for several years, next to my former house. I just read that Flickers can re-use their nests so you might see them annually.
      Please keep me in the picture with this family as there might be some good ops to photograph those guys.

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