20160503-05 Close-up images with the Oly 60mm Macro lens

Springtime is a good time to look at wildflowers up close.   Here are some examples of what we saw over the last few days:

Community Drive behind St Amants, Early Saxifrage in (as usual) moss on a rock outcrop…


closer view of the flower head:


Another Saxifrage in context …



Close up of the context ….


Carolina Spring Beauty, roadside along Hwy 522 along Grundy Lake Provincial Park …


Up close …


Trout lily up close …



Larix laricina on Community Drive:


Up close …




Red maple at Fisher Eddie’s dock (no relation to Eddie Fisher!) …


Almost make one want to emulate a field geologist or biologist with her/his hand loupe, eh?

We hope to see some of these soon:


So we are keeping our eyes up in the canopy and down in the forest floor.  And we are keeping our ears alert.  A good way to enjoy the spring re-awakening of life.

4 thoughts on “20160503-05 Close-up images with the Oly 60mm Macro lens

  1. Thomas, Thank you very much. This lens, in your hands, produced remarkable pix – the details and the range of colours you brought us. Can’t wait to view MORE!!!!!!

    • Thanks Krys. Yes that lil lens is a beauty. So are the natural things that it manages to capture. Magick!

    • Hi Jessica! Good to see D & M back in town.
      I am enjoying both new lenses … this Olympus 60mm (EFL=120 mm) Macro and the Leica 100-400 mm (EFL = 200 to 800 mm!) Telezoom. Both good lenses for springtime.

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