20160504 Spring is moving right along

Here is further evidence of the advance of spring …

Trout lilies are in full bloom …


Trailing Arbutus (Yet another “Mayflower”) is in bloom


Green wasps (?) are harvesting willow pollen ..


Wild violets are blooming in south facing crevices:


Pale Corydalis is about to blossom …



Amazing spiders are putting their webs on the Red Maple blossoms …


Dutchmens Breeches are blossoming  …


Aha!  The uncommon Blue Cohosh are fully blossoming!


All of the above were seen from a roadway of some sort.  Most were photographed from the vehicle with the new long lens.


Busy time of the year out there!

2 thoughts on “20160504 Spring is moving right along

  1. Thomas — and to think you took most of these pix from your truck – Spring is absolutely amazing but fleeting – so to view these beautiful pix is truly a treat. Thank you !!!!!!!

    • Hi Krys,
      The big truck has been downscaled to lil SUV. More room and comfort for Brandy and the old f@rt.
      Yes, Springtime IS fleeting. Every day is precious.

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