20160519 Trip to Loring

We drove along Hwy 522 to Loring with Sudbury Photographer/Author Ray T  to see what we could photograph.  Ray opted not to try to “search for fly specks in a bowl of black pepper” so we didn’t look for migrant Warblers.  We took the easy way out and shot hundreds of flower, wildlife and landscape images.  I haven’t worked through all of them yet, but here are a few samples:

First, wildflowers along the Hwy 522 north roadside from the vehicle (since the blackflies were bad):

Some “weeds”:


Pale corydalis:


Mini garden:


Monet’s subjects:


Uncommon (around here) Barren strawberries at the Lost Channel turn-off and on Lost Channel Road.  Lost Channel Inn served us delicious pie with ice cream and coffee for morning sustenance.  Learned some local history etc from a couple of locals setting out on a canoe trip.


Wild columbine:


Now the wildlife:

Unknown beetle with orange thorax (Rhagonycha mollis ??) on one of my favorite ephemerals:


An unknown wasp on Ontario’s flower:


Broadwinged Hawk inspecting photographer before taking its leave:




First picture of the day:  Interesting light over creek flowing into Portage Lake from Grundy Lake PP.  Taken from snowmobile bridge:


First pond when heading north on North Road, Argyle TWP:


There are a few hundred more pix that I haven’t yet looked at … which will spare you.   I will have a look later to see if any are worth posting.

This morning Mary Holland talks about and illustrates Horsetails.

It is already 12ºC so it is time to look for some fly specks in black pepper!