20160516 The water lilies are rising

We took a little detour on Hwy 522 to see the water lilies rising.    There were some distant birdies at the pond so I tried to photograph them too.

First the birdies (from a long ways away):

Red Winged Blackbird watches me warily in between (warning?) sounds:


Kingfisher from about 100 m.  Another wary bird!


Grackle is in a bit closer …



These are what I found very interesting.  I’m still wondering about the red chlorophyll as my previous comments seem to be consistent as the spring progresses.



There were some heavy tracks in the grasses along this stream, so I suspect the Marsh Marigolds are Moose food.


Spring Beauties are still abundant:


Very advanced stage of a hazelnut bud.   I think that, as those leaves emerge, the pistils will disappear leaving the fuzzy husk behind.


Colleen told me about this wonderful film today.  Here is the link to the trailer. Mandatory viewing by gardeners and children.

And Ray McN. sent this link to a portion of another beautiful film by Louie Schwartzberg.  Awesome stuff!

2 thoughts on “20160516 The water lilies are rising

  1. Oh Tom, the “lily pad”. Mother Nature is truly fortunate to have YOU as her recorder. THANK YOU.

  2. Those lily pads are moving right along this spring. Some are showing yellow lilies buds already. They would be a good subject for a time lapse movie. One of these days ……


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