20160604 Silvery Blue, Canada Darner, Wild Chives

Very short photo trip today as I had visitors who were more interested in other things (the good old days).  But we managed to get out to see butterflies fluttering, Dragonflies perching and a wild chive blooming on the bank of the Still River.  Here they are:

I had a but of fun with this one, feeding on Mustard, but finally tracked it down in the wonderful, ROM Field Guide to the butterflies of Ontario.  Then I went to the internet so see what it had to say about it.

P1280818-1 P1280827-1

The HWY 522 Pond did not fail me … yielding this fellow chewing a morsel, over and over again for at least 20 seconds.   Stephen Cresswell’s capture of these guys in flight is amazing.


And the Wild Chives are starting to bloom — this one on the river bank on Old Legion Lane.


Several days of rain are forecast so we’ll see the effects on some wildflowers, especially the Ladyslippers which are starting to bloom now.  Purple ‘slippers in the acidic bogs of the Shield and Boreal and Yellow ones on the basic fields of the Bruce Peninsula and Manitoulin Island.

The many other wild orchids which we can see over the summer are listed here:   http://ontariowildflowers.com/main/group.php?id=18    Scroll down to the thumbnails of the plants’ photos so you’ll know what to look for on your treks.

This is a good example of Orchidelirium!


2 thoughts on “20160604 Silvery Blue, Canada Darner, Wild Chives

  1. Tom, you may have had a short day but so worth it for us. The colours, the textures OH BOY. Thank you and for all that I have learned and discovered from you with your presented info.

    • Thanks, Krys. Yes, it seems that every outing it an adventure! If I take the time to look and see!

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