20160614 Changes to Brtthome’s Blog

After putting about 3 GB of imagery on 185 posts on this blog over the last year, I’ve reached the end of the freebies.  So I upgraded my account — not only to keep it going but to have a bit more fun playing on my computer.

The new website is https://brtthome.com/   but everything at the original brtthome.wordpress.com website will be redirected to the new site.

No need to change bookmarks or notes.

If you Google brtthome (Britthome without the eye) you’ll end up at this new site.

I think that everything else stays the same —- except that I might start playing around a bit more with the design of the blog.

I’ve enjoyed wonderful feedback from many viewers and thank you for that.

A lot of folks seem to go to the site on a regular basis for some “refreshment” with images of our natural world … a break from the high speed  blur of our busy-ness.  I try to keep that in mind when I select the images that I post.

I now make the time to carefully see my surrounding and  use the camera to share those glimpses with you.

As I notice more, I get interested in what I’m looking at.  So I consult with my growing library of field books and favorite internet links to try learn more about our flora, fauna, phenomena and (sometimes) our regional history.  When I have the time and energy I try to share my gleanings with you via the blog.  By no means am I a naturalist and I don’t aspire to that title.  I’m just curious about the things and processes around me.  So please bear with me when I struggle to ID a new grasshopper or bee or birdie or wildflower.  And if you can, please help us all with suggestions.

If you have suggestions to improve this project, I’d very much like to hear them.

Either comment here or at  brtthome(at)gmail.com

Fun, eh?



4 thoughts on “20160614 Changes to Brtthome’s Blog

  1. Tom I always await your newest photos and informative links to help understand what I’m looking at!! Thanks for all your efforts and fine photography! Love Diana

  2. Tom, you have a keen, discerning eye and remarkable skill with a camera. I love your photos, and I agree with Diana, also your explanations as to what those photos are about. Thank you so much for continuing to post.

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