20160621 Riverside Rd bugs & blooms. A clearwing

We went for a short drive to check out the milkweeds and saw some new blooms and their visitors:

Daisy Fleabane:


Tragopogon dubius as seen from an unfamiliar angle …


A variety of flies are visiting the blossoms ..

P1340927-1 P1340968-1

… including this moth drinking milkweed nectar:


… which it shared with this Silvery Checkerspot:

P1350007-1 P1350012-1

While the Hobomok Skipper supped on vetch nectar.  (I am finding that getting a correlation of butterfly and its preferred nectar to be an aid to identification.)


Here is that unidentified flying beetle again.  This time deep in the Northern Raisin flower cluster.


This Sheep Laurel is two weeks behind the Sheep Laurel in the open bogs.  It is located on Riverside Rd,  in a very small fen on the north side of the road across from Barb and Steve’s big rock outcrop.


The blueberry crop is coming along fine this year.  Hopefully we’ll  soon get some rain so that the Teddy Bears can have their July picnics.


See the black eye streak and black bill?  A giveaway.


The warm weather has really moved things along.  I cannot keep up so I’ll do a bit more editing over the next few weeks as we get into summer.


2 thoughts on “20160621 Riverside Rd bugs & blooms. A clearwing

  1. Tom, SO LOVELY – esp. the blueberry crop. It’s difficult to choose pix for my new home – too many must-haves. THANK YOU for ALL XOXO

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