20160627 Last Drive-By Shooting on Riverside and Ambush!!!

Here are some samples on the last “drive-by photography” on Riverside Drive for a while.

Song Sparrow in some tag alders that are “drowning” due to the return of Lake Huron water levels to “normal”.


Youngest batch of Canada Geese …


Earlier batch with proud  parents.  A few weeks makes a big difference.


Eastern Phoebe pauses from its flycatching to view photographer’s camera.


Roadside Viper’s Bugloss in its typical habitat …


Hummingbird Clearwing Moth is difficult to photograph because it hovers to collect nectar.  I have not seen it alight.



This is possibly one of the Emerald Dragonflies:


Northern Bush Honeysuckle, a good source of nectar,  is starting to bloom.


This might be a female Common Whitetail Dragonfly …



A Bluet damselflyP1360878-1

Lying in wait, waiting for dinner …


White Admiral



Look carefully at the next 5 images.  (Enlarge by clicking on the photos if necessary).  Do you see what is happening here?

P1360928-1 P1360943-1 P1360949-1 P1360961-1 P1360970-1

The first two images show the white (now yellow coloured … Goldenrod) Crab Spider capturing the hoverfly with it outer “claws” and manipulating it for its inner claws and jaws.

The third image shows the release of the outer “claws” as the inner “claws” hold it for the jaws to inject paralyzing toxins.

The last two images show the hoverfly firmly in the grasp of inner “claws” as it sucks the body fluids out of the prey.

The white crab spider will be changing colour to yellow as it will be inhabiting yellow coloured flowers, Goldenrods in particular, for the rest of the summer.


In this case the spider is on Common Yarrow Achillea millefolium blossoms.

Roadside mowing:

I won’t be spending any time cruising the roadside of Riverside Drive for a few weeks.  (Hurrah!  Some might say.)

The mower went by soon after making the above photos and cleaned out all those “weeds”.  It also managed to clean out cultivated flowers that have been planted along the sides of the road.  Very sad.

The mower operator made a special effort to take out the milkweeds by backing up to get those between the reflecting markers for the snowplow.  Very conscientious.

The mowing program has strengthened the growth of poison ivy growing along our roadsides by removing the reproduction of competing annuals.  Very ignorant.

When I chat with the POI (Persons of Influence) about this, they will probably say, “But we have always done that.  People expect it.  And it will encourage people to walk along the roadsides since any snakes will be easier to see.  And kill.”  Very common.

While it is appreciated to maintain good visibility for local and visiting drivers on our local roads, the current broadbrush treatment seems clumsy.  Would it not be possible to give the mower some instruction then some discretion about his/her work?   Too optimistic?

End of rant.

Something to watch for over the next few weeks:



One thought on “20160627 Last Drive-By Shooting on Riverside and Ambush!!!

  1. Thanks Tom for your rant!! I too have chased the person who mows the roadside and properly reamed him out for descimating all the plants, raspberries, wild roses, lavatere, daisies, chives iris, etc. which I have so carefully placed in front of my home for all to enjoy. The roadside now has started to erode and with rising waters, the shoreline is collapsing. You stated my sentiments!! Thanks, Diana XXXOOO

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