20160510 A few local pix

Here are some local pix:

Goldfinches are resplendent in their breeding season plumage:


And the tree sparrows are singing:


The Blue Jays are building nests:


The characteristic end buds of the Northern Wild Raisins are sprouting:


Early Saxifrage are peaking …


And these two pix show Diana’s flower garden starting to delight passers-by.

P1210654-1 P1210657-1

The freezing morning temperatures cause the Trout Lilies to stay closed to the frost well into the afternoon.


Yet another form of spore capsule on this specie of moss.


The calm air yesterday enabled a better close-up of the Larix laricina using the macro lens:


This evening photo shows this year’s lack of water in a pond along the Forest Access Road.   The fire hazard is “high” so everyone is on alert!


Today Mary Holland shows eggs in a Wild Turkey’s nest.


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