201609 Trip to Skerryvore

Monday was a beautiful spring day so we went to Skerryvore to see what we could see.   This is some of what we saw:

Canada Goose incubating eggs on a distant (~100 m) beaver lodge in the pond across from Big (Gereaux) Lake:


Reindeer lichen —  Cladonia rangiferina  — which I don’t think I’ll collect as its uses don’t appeal to me:


Fiddleheads forming.  I eat Ostrich ferns, well cooked.  It would be a special treat if I could find some morels to make a cream sauce for the fiddleheads.


We need an insectologist (?) to identify this pollinator:


Basking in the sun:


A wasp (another task for a hymenopterist) pollinating a wild strawberry:



Lonicera canadensis (Fly Honeysuckle) is starting to bloom:

P1210473-1 P1210497-1-2

Down by Deshevy’s Farm this pair was turning the clumps of grass for morsels:


As I was leaving I spotted this kite and tried out the new lens:


As I had the lens poking up into the sky this Sandhill went skooting by.  My first “Bird In Flight” with that lens, a fluke.  I will practice some more with it as it has good potential.  Maybe  I’ll be able to emulate Ray T., a Sudbury BIF expert.


A nice reflection along Skerryvore Road:


This morning I got this X rated posting from Mary Holland in my email.  Rough?

And ….

This coming Saturday, May 14th!


5 thoughts on “201609 Trip to Skerryvore

  1. What a strange monster you have photographed in…Fiddleheads forming. I love Fiddleheads but can’t see them in that twisted contraption you have photographed. And your two cranes look like they’re have a domestic! Ha! Well done.

    • Are you referring to Mr Fuzzy Wuzzy resting his chin on Mrs Fuzzy Wuzzy as they hug their two kids? 🙂

      Mr and Mrs Sandhill Crane are scanning BOTH sides of the field for plump lumps of last fall’s grass and ended up going to the right, behind a bush, much to the chagrin of the photographer. When they emerged they seemed to be in domestic bliss. I have no information what happened behind the bush.

      Photographs are supposed to stimulate the imagination aren’t they? Yes! According to Jacob Bronowski! See: http://www.public.iastate.edu/~bccorey/105%20Folder/The%20Reach%20of%20Imagine.pdf

      • Interesting article. You give me lots of fodder for exercising my imagination in your posts. Mr and Mrs Fuzzy Wuzzy would make a great children’s book. You should be writing stories to go with these incredible pictures.

  2. Tom, Spring brings such “delights” after the long Winter. I enjoy Mary Holland’s informative Blog. Thank you for these pix as well as your commentary!!!! (you are doing well with your new lens)

    • Thank you, Krys.
      Yes, the new lens is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the warblers from Central America. In the meantime I am practicing with it and enjoying it very much. Another bright day today to enjoy — before the arrival of the wet cold front this weekend. Perhaps warblers next week?

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