20160507 A rainy day in Britt

The day started  rather ominously when I saw a pair of Turkey Vultures perched in a tree overlooking the Community Cemetery.  I took a  photo of the whole scene from St Amants’ “hill” but I won’t post it.  Instead here is a photo of one wet ugly bird:

[In all of the photos that follow, it is interesting to click on the photo so see the nature of the droplets on the subject of the photo.  All of the photos were were taken with the Leica 100-400 mm lens except for the half dozen near the end, which were taken with the Olympus 60 mm Macro]



Thing got much better as we looked at blossoms and things in the rain.


Including this Red Maple blossom …


This willow changing into a catkin …


This Nasturtium showing translucent petals as they get wet (similar to trilliums)…


Spherical lens showing the parallel veination, typical of this (monocotyledon) leaf.


Most leaves with those little hairs seem to be hydrophobic, like this early strawberry.


and these pussytoes …


and moss, when seen up close …


Trout lilies, and many other plants sense rain (and darkness) and promptly close up their blossoms.


These Pixie Cups don’t hold water, though.


Very small droplets on the flowers of this Wild Columbine …


Elderberry getting a soaking …


Small droplets here too …


Another, different, maple …



Amazing where these droplets are hanging here:


A more mature wild hazelnut bloom…


British Soldiers seem to absorb the water …


A spectacular (to me at  least)  view of a Brit Soldier …


And here, finally,  is a  Photo of the Special Event that I mentioned in my last post …


A very small family.  Hopefully these goslings will make it to maturity.

And on that familial note … Happy Mothers’ Day!




One thought on “20160507 A rainy day in Britt

  1. Dear Tom, Mother Nature would be grateful for this showing – incredible displays. Mary Holland would be delighted with your pix REALLY Thank you !!!!!

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