20160513 Friday, Thirteenth: Local Blossoms and Birdies

In spite of the portents we looked for some Warblers yesterday.   Heard some but saw none.  In spite of today’s rain we’ll  try again.  In the meantime here are some pics from yesterday’s local travels:

Trillium erectum after a rainshower  …


First wild columbine of the season (known locally as “hunneysuckle”)


One of 4 separate families being reared in the Britt area … so far.


I think that these pixie cups are growing larger…


A Blue Jay around the spot where I saw a pair carrying twigs the other day —  an area worth monitoring:


Black flies are out so the blueberries are in incipient bloom phase:


Wild strawberries are blooming profusely now …


ON flower:


First “Hunneysuckle” about to open:


One of a pair of Sandhill Cranes across the way …


I cannot resist photographing these beauties.  One of these days I’ll get a really good one!   Maybe.  …….


Same with these!


Couple of fiddleheads exchanging gossip?


Mom and Pop Horsetail in their leggings?


Emergent lily pad, still with its red pigment.  These seem to turn from red to green as they lift to the surface light.  I wonder why that is?  Why do they start off red?


Marsh Marigold in its favourite, waterside, habitat.


We are getting close ( two weeks) to the first anniversary of this blog.   What should change?   I do know that I am spending way too much time on it, to the detriment of other interests/projects and house/yardkeeping!

Should I cut down on the number of photos each post?

Should I cut down on the number/frequency of posts?

Should I quit?   (NO applause, please!)

It IS fun, though!

Advice:  Comment below or brtthome[at]gmail.com


8 thoughts on “20160513 Friday, Thirteenth: Local Blossoms and Birdies

  1. No, no, and no…are the answers to your questions! We love all the photos and look forward to receiving them very much! Please keep them coming. They are beautiful, and thank you for sharing all the beauty of nature with us.

    • Hmmm!!! Does that mean that I should engage a yardkeeper? A housekeeper?
      Thanks a lot for your encouragement … and welcome back!

  2. Tom, I think you should do just as you feel. If you want to do something else one day, do it. If this blog becomes a chore, you won’t enjoy doing it as much.

    • I agree! With my remaining years I think that I deserve to do “as I feel” 🙂

      I DO enjoy this photography.

      I get delight from stopping to photograph something that piques my interest, (and working quite hard at times to try to capture it to share it);
      from wondering how it will turn out on the computer;
      from messing around with it on the computer (more and more of that nowadays as my eyes get more critical and as I challenge myself with more difficult exposures/compositions;
      and finally;
      from putting several into the blog hoping that at least one in the set will resonate and stir some emotion with folks who stop by to visit.

      And getting email links and generous comments like yours is cream on the dessert!

      Thanks, Ray.

  3. Absolutely keep it up Tom. They are a joy to look at! Your lens bring details and colour that are amazing. I like your commentary too.

    • Thanks, Joanna,
      for your very encouraging remarks. Yes, I am really enjoying that lens. I am so frustrated nowadays though as I am hearing new birdsongs (Warblers in think) but not seeing them. I will keep trying though as the songscape is also quite wonderful.
      Good! I hope that the commentary aids your enjoyment of the pictures!

  4. You very obviously enjoy this challenge you have set yourself, as do we.
    It is a pleasant trip through your area with many tidbits of info we would never know otherwise.
    You may adapt the time spent collecting, but we would certainly know our loss if you stopped entirely !
    🙂 Cheers & Thanks, Jan

    • Thanks, Jan,
      Yes, I do enjoy this challenge. It has become a daily routine: Get out to enjoy the day, take photos of interesting subjects, edit and process the images, research some subject matter, write and upload the blog … and … respond to comments. All fun and satisfying activities.

      I am realizing that the excitement of springtime with it dramatic change and growth serves to stimulate my eyes and my camera finger increasing the volume of each blogs.

      I think that an application of more editorial discipline will result in a pursuit of more engaging imagery for me and hopefully a more enjoyable experience for all of you.

      Thanks for your encouragement!


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