20160514 Rainy day close-ups

We didn’t go far today, preferring to look quite intently at spring’s emergence close to home.

First we heard “melodious Robins” and then saw a bedraggled Rose – Breasted Grosbeak  eating the seeds in Aspen catkins:


Red Maples in shade are forming leaves …


These incipient Pin Cherry blossoms seem to like the water:


As do these Black (Rum!) Cherries or maybe  Choke Cherries:  (Hard to tell the difference at this stage.)  Pin, Black, Choke and Sand Cherries are common in this part of the world.


The rain seemed to make this daffy just a bit more engaging:


First Aquilegia canadensis in full bloom that I’ve seen this year:


Streamside Marsh Marigold:


Side by side buddies in the rain …


Nice places for water drops to congregate …


And, when you look very closely, you can appreciate the effect of vegetation on the accumulation of water during a period of rain:


I just got this one before another raindroplet made this drop drop.


Getting a drink from a hazelnut bud …


Hazelnut pistils seem to get re-energized in the water:


I always like to get out in the rain as the water enhances the colours and visual textures of our environment.   Reminds me of licking rocks as a kid.

Alas, still no photos of Warblers, although I did hear them again today.  They seem to be in the evergreens.  Perhaps when the leaves start to form in the deciduous trees they will become more visible.  I hope so.

Perhaps I will get really lucky and see (an photograph) this attractive Ontario bird with strange habits!

But not tomorrow as these migrants are smart enough to avoid the forecast snow.  We non-migrants will scrape our windshields and spin our summer tires in the morning!

4 thoughts on “20160514 Rainy day close-ups

  1. Thank you for these beautiful offerings and yes, the rain does enhance that which we see around us. Your pix would make the perfect book displaying Mother Nature beauty – that which we too often dismiss until someone makes us see these treasures xoxo

    • Thanks Krys!
      Yes, I hope that these pix encourage folks to see (and delight in) the wonderful scenes that “Mother Nature” displays for our enjoyment every hour of every day. All we have to do is look.
      My cameras have helped me to look. I hope that their images will do the same for my friends here.
      Your neck of the woods will be changing very rapidly these days …. in spite of the few flakes of snow that sprinkled down several times today!

      • Tom, YOU see and your camera is but an aid in order to bring us Mother Nature’s delights – here, in spite of the snow – the bush has exploded in hues of green

  2. Thanks Krys,
    We have some severe frost this morning. I just hope that the blue (and other) berry blossoms are not affected. Two years of frost-kill in a row will be hard on the critters that depend on berries for food.
    I think we’ll be ok as this year’s blossom time is delayed compared to last year.

    Another beautiful day starting!

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