20160519 Trip to Loring — Part II

I finally worked through all the photos I took on that trip last week and saved a few that you might find interesting:

Nice Hobblebush …


Dragonfly on a prickly raspberry cane.  Click for intimate details …


Grackle checking out the traffic on the underpass …


Another Grackle showing of … verbally and pictorially.


Turkey vulture taking off, showing its feathers….


North Road pond ..


Field of trilliums …


Hallie’s barn …


Lily pads on elevated pond on Forest Access Road…


The Hobblebush will have advanced in the last 4 days.  I’ll have to check!

2 thoughts on “20160519 Trip to Loring — Part II

  1. Loved the dragonfly and the turkey vulture. I guess my favourites are the wildlife photos. Great pictures!!!!!!!

  2. Tom, more Spring delights from you – “ainn’t Spring just grand”. Marilyn is right GREAT PICTURES. Thank you for sharing once more!!! (nice barn pix).

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