20160523 Spring things

Checked out a local ditch and found this bird … for a few seconds.  It was working the bank moving a metre or two each time.  This fuzzy photo is sufficient to ID the bird as a Common  Yellowthroat Warbler.  First time seen this year.  I will keep my eyes pealed for them near stream banks with good cover.


This Trillium was blooming on the stream bank.


Although this birdie was behaving like a Blackpoll Warbler, it is a Black Capped Chickadee with well worn feathers.  Blackpolls have orange feet.


Here it is flitting to another branch…


The Pin Cherries are bursting now, attracting pollinators.


Nice Columbine


I suspect that hatching time is  approaching for this pair nesting on a beaver lodge in the pond across the road from Big (Gereaux) Lake.



Busy time of the year!

2 thoughts on “20160523 Spring things

  1. Tom – yes, a busy time of Spring for so many. Thank you again for these delighful views that you managed to photo. I’ve learned and discovered so much from your informative Blog as well. !!!!

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