20160607 Geese, Blandings, Macro Link

We went for a short drive yesterday evening (Hwy 529) to check on the Canada Goose family, and turtles.

The Canada Goose family were in the same pond as the previous day.  Alas, one gosling is missing:



We found numerous “scratchings” along the highway … in the sandy portions on the shoulders, on the east (afternoon sunlit) side of the road.  I suspect that the warm sand is attractive to turtles as nesting sites.  Here is a Blanding’s near sunset south of Twin River Bridge.


The hole in the highway is repaired.

On the way back we checked the growth of milkweeds near Twin River and expect them to be blooming in a week if we get some warm weather.


This is the first time that I isolated a bunch, (gaggle?) of geese snoozing.  Click on the photo so see something quite surprising (to me at least).



I occasionally post stuff up at the Digital Photography Review Forum as GeorgianBay1939   to get some critical feedback.  There I learned of Australian  Mark Berkery, a wonderful macro photographer.

Have a look at Nature’s Place — Macro Illustrated for a real treat.  The photography is breathtaking.  And if you make the time to read his text you will be quite inspired by his depth.

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