20160608 Some flowers including Bladder Campion

Short evening tip up to Hwy 522 to see what was blooming on the south facing rocks.

Here are the results …

Red Maple:


Canada Anemone:


Ox-eye Daisy:


And lots of Bladder Campions:  (One of these days I should sample them!)






On the way back this beauty was fruiting (NO, not an oyster mushroom, gills are wrong.)


I just got a note saying that an (internet) acquaintance has won challenge first with this image of NYC on a snowy night.   Nice work, eh?   Brrrrrr.

Dawn is breaking into a clear cool (7ºC) day with light wind.  Time to see if the Warblers are up and about.


One thought on “20160608 Some flowers including Bladder Campion

  1. Tom, another lovely offering – those colours and textures (love the mushroom). Beauty is certainly in the details eh!!! Thank you!!!

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