20160609-10 Bugs and Blossoms

Here are some photos of Skippers, Brushfoots, Dragonflies and other beasties  on a variety of blooms, (along with Pleurotus)  taken on Thursday and Friday:

These two skippers(?) were feeding on Common Vetch



As was this bee …


These dragonflies were patrolling the roadsides for insects in flight.  Click on the photos for some interesting close-up views.  Use your browser back button to come back to this blog.






This fellow was busy collecting nectar and pollen, caught in flight with this lucky photo:




These choice Oyster Mushrooms were a little easier to photograph, but were too high to harvest.

See the little black beetle?  It is a good indicator of this species.


Mandatory artsy photo taken in the late afternoon last Thursday.


Here are some of Friday’s images:

Ox-eye Daisy providing nourishment for an iridescent little fly …


Bee feeding on Bird’s-foot trefoil:


Nice grouping of starflowers.


Potter Wasp(?)  inspecting Ox-eye daisy…


Brushfoot visiting unknown blossoms.


Coming in for a landing on Canada Anemone…


Some kind of miniscule roadside flower, < 0.5 cm in diameter …


I am getting behind on my plant and bug ID.  Thanks for HELP with any of the above!  (Comments or email, please)

We had rain overnight so the woods will be fresh for photography today.   A good excuse to get out for a visit!




3 thoughts on “20160609-10 Bugs and Blossoms

  1. Incredible shot with the bee in flight between the blooms! Wow! Thanks Tom, Love Diana XXXOOO

  2. Tom, another “incredible display” and those dragonfly wings. Thank you for allowing us to view these delights.

  3. Tom, once again, sheer delight – the dragonfly wings belong to the fairies of our imagination and the yellow of the Bird’s-foot trefoil – OH BOY and let’s not forget the well-detailed artsy pix. THANK YOU

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