20160611 Blossoms, some with visitors

In the warm sun the blossoms were out, some having visitors.  Some visitors were obvious some not so obvious.

Orange hawkweed:


Bunchberry, Creeping Dogwood, Ground Dogwood:


Yellow Hawkweed:



Silvery Blue butterfly

“This is another butterfly species that will often mud puddle (drink up minerals from damp ground). Larva in the last two instars (stages) are attended to by ants, which protect them from flies and wasps. The larva secretes a drop of liquid high in sugars and amino acids. Where ants don’t attend larva, fewer survive from the absence of protection, however those that do survive tend to be bigger thanks to the energy saved from not sharing the droplets with ants. This type of relationship with ants is found with several other species of butterflies.”


P1310588-1 P1310626-1

Canada Mayflower or Wild Lily of the Valley:


Solomon’s Plume or False Solomon’s Seal:


Pink Lady Slipper, one of the myriad of Orchids that bloom in Ontario’s wilds.



Temagami’s Northland Paradise  has an outstanding illustrated write-up about the Orchids seen in Northern Ontario.

They also show a huge collection of mushrooms of Northern Ontario, including edible ones, by season.

Did you see the green bug on the Mayflower and the white spider on the Solomon’s plume?  If you click on the photos, they are very obvious in the enlargement.

One thought on “20160611 Blossoms, some with visitors

  1. Tom, I still find it so amazing that YOU are able to see what we neglect unless one stops and discovers the numerous details of the wonders surrounding us here. “stop and smell the roses” THANK YOU !!!!!!

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