20160612 Blossoms, bees and hoverflies

Windy, overcast and cool so the bugs were not abundant, but we did see some pollinators flitting and buzzing around the roadside flowers.

A few more oyster mushrooms have fruited after the last rain.  All quite high up on the tree, 3 or 4 metres.


Remember that Solomon’s Plume from the last post?  Here is that same white spider which I tried to photo in the breeze with this result.   Good camouflage, eh?


A flower fly of some specie.


Bee collecting nectar…


Blueberries ripening …


Northern Wild Raisin flowering.


Another flower fly or hover fly.  Gardeners love these insects.


Runner and flower of a cinquefoil ..


Busy times in the bush, these days.



One thought on “20160612 Blossoms, bees and hoverflies

  1. Tom, yes, a busy time in the bush but we have you to bring us those wondrous details that we may overlook. Thank you !!!!! … and more please

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